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Veil, Unveiled Part II

The first part of this article hopefully showed you that a wedding veil is as unique as a bride, and it can be a serious quest to find the one that is completely "you".

Let me share some more knowledge and I am sure by the end of this post you will have a way better idea of what may be your perfect wedding veil.

Consider your options

There are not that many days in your life, when you can wear a veil, and even though some people say that it is this iconic bridal accessory that turns a beautiful woman in a white dress into a bride, I dare to disagree. If the veil doesn't feel like you, there are multiple final details that can tie the ensemble together and look stunning and romantic: it may be a jeweled headband, a statement hairpiece, a floral wreath, a tiara or an extravagant fascinator, just let out your imagination!

Veil can be a great idea for "something borrowed". If you would like to use the veil someone in your family wore for their wedding day, there are options to restore it to a former glory or even rework a little bit to match your style better. Just make sure you don't try to make it a DIY project: wedding veils are made of extremely delicate materials and can be ruined easily.

Carefully think about:

The length of the veil - the previous part of this post breaks it down quite well, so read it if you haven't yet.

The dress. The veil color doesn't necessary have to match your wedding gown color, but it is definitely preferred and looks more cohesive. Also consider the amount of details on your dress: if your gown is heavily embellished and has a lot of texture, a simple classic veil will complement it perfectly, and vise versa: a simple gown gives you an opportunity to be more adventurous with the veil. The two need to complete each other and create balance, not compete: for example a clear or short veil can help to show off a low-back or intricate lace and buttons, and a cathedral veil will add interest to your classic streamlined gown (Megan Markle's wedding day look comes to mind right away).

The wedding style and atmosphere. Cathedral veil for a royal feel, birdcage for a retro-inspired wedding, short veil for a more casual and modern style, whatever your heart desires. Where is your wedding taking place? It it is on top of a cliff or even at the beach, there is a risk that your veil will blow away or serve as a paraglide. definitely might add some adrenalin to the event.

Styling tips

It is absolutely up to you to decide if you want to match your veil to the hair style or the opposite. Just remember that a veil and hair decisions affect each other heavily. For example mantilla veils look way better with your hair down, cathedral, chapel and bridal caps with either lower updos or also hair down, while the fingertip length and up are much more versatile. Moving the veil up or down can change the look drastically, so make sure to try different options with your hair artist to see what you prefer.

Veil etiquette: when should you put it on and take it of

In modern wedding traditions there are no set rules about it.

If you feel like completing your wedding look right away, have your mom/sister/best friend/hair stylist put it on right after getting in your dress. Of course pictures with your family and friends during this process are precious (you can take the pictures and then have your stylist secure it in place). It is also a very unique moment when the bride sees herself in the mirror all put together for the first time.

Some brides that opt for the first look, leave the veil off for it, so that when they walk down the aisle, there's something new in their ensemble for the groom to see.

Getting in the car and moving around is also something to consider.

Taking the veil off is a personal choice as well: right after the ceremony, before the reception or before going to sleep - everything is an option.

Photographer's look on things

This is the part I was most excited to write, since I haven't seen this information anywhere online. So here are some of the photography tips for epic veil shots.

Everything longer than your elbow should be able to fly for the veil flying shot, although it might not fly too high or well if it is both shorter and secured underneath a low updo. The shorter the wedding veil, the less dramatic it may look on those pictures.

For the soft romantic soft photos with the veil across from the bride or the couple, it has to be at least fingertip length. It also makes the wind picking it up and making a beautiful curve more possible.

If your veil has heavy embellishments (for example rhinestones all across the edge), it will be very difficult to throw it in the air and catch in a shot, since these veils usually fall very quickly.

If you veil has a lot of sparkly details, be aware that they all photograph differently: while crystals reflect light and generally sparkle, rhinestones can sometimes look like dark holes.

Make sure your veil is secured very carefully, however over the years I became a big professional in putting them back in.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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