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Veil, Unveiled Part I

A wedding veil is probably the most iconic bridal accessory. And with so many types and styles to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for you to express yourself? In the two posts I wrote, I explain everything I know about veils. First part will talk more about the theory of wedding veils as well as the types and styles. And the second has some tips and a photographer's perspective to help you find your perfect wedding veil. Read on and I hope you find it useful!

Let's begin with the most epic one just because I can't keep it for the end! Cathedral veil!

This very dramatic veil is highly popular and you can see why. If you want to make an entrance and look royal, your best option is this veil combined with a wedding gown that has a long train.

Pair it with a classic dress, epic venue and caution (these are so easy to step on!)

Right behind the cathedral comes the Chapel veil. It is just slightly shorter and touches the floor extending past your gown.

Chapel veil works with most wedding dress styles and silhouettes and provides a dramatic look without any inconvenience.

As the name suggests, the Waltz veils are made for dancing. I wouldn't put them above the shorter veils in the convenience chart, but ending somewhere between your knees and ankles, it definitely gives you more room to move around while still looking very elegant and formal.

This styles of the veil would make a stunning combination with a floor length wedding dress.

Fingertip veil. Probably the most popular wedding veil length of our times (even Kate Middleton broke the royal tradition and chose this more modern style).

Looks amazing with pretty much every type of wedding gown, although does draw attention to the torso, so more elaborate bodices definitely win. Also there is a beautiful and convenient option to pair it with a cathedral vail and remove the latter for some of the photos or the reception.

Slightly shorter then the fingertip veil but also very versatile, elbow length veil is also a great choice for a more comfortable but still traditional and delicate look.

Can be worn with a wedding dress of any style and is really good for showing off some of the details on the lower part of the gown.

A very romantic option is a Mantilla vail: a Spanish-style veil that beautifully frames your face with lace.

As the lace on this veil is usually very pretty and intricate, it looks best with simpler silhouettes and not too much of other decorations and textures.

This is the closest I had to this style:

Flyaway veils would be perfect for you if you want to go for a more casual and fun feel. These veils are usually shorter and have multiple layers what creates a less formal look.

You can wear it with short wedding dresses, with the gowns that are heavily embellished or have a beautiful open back that you want to show off.

Bridal Cap veil will also provide a touch of vintage feel for your bridal look. It is gathered and pinned back on each side to create or frame a cap over the head.

It works perfectly with vintage-inspired lacy gowns or simple slip dresses. Flowers would add an extra sweet touch.

For a less traditional look you can be brave enough to wear a birdcage veil. It is usually made of something you'll be able to see through (like wide net) and covers a part of your face. Details like feathers, pearls or flowers that are used to decorate birdcage veils add to the vintage glam of this style.

These veils perfectly complete retro-inspired dresses and looks.

Mostly a part of a bigger veil but sometimes its own piece, a blusher is a short single-layer veil that covers the face of the bride and is flipped back once the bride makes her way down the aisle or right before the first kiss. This tradition comes from the times when the groom wasn't supposed to see bride's face up until they were officially pronounced a husband and wife.

This veil is very universal and can be worn with any styles. Although just the short layer creates a sophisticated statement that goes well with fashion-forward dresses.

There are so many options and they all are really beautiful, you just need to think of what feels more like you. And in the second part of the veil post I will give you some tips that will hopefully help you even further.

Enjoy this exciting choice!


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