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Secret Wedding Language

You are in love, you got engaged, congratulations are in order, and you are very excited to make your Big Day dreams come true. You meet with your planner and all of a sudden find out that you need to speak some secret language you’ve never learned! You hear questions like: “Are you doing a first look?”, “Are you having a receiving line?”, “Any special dances?” And you get completely lost!

But don’t worry, after learning three foreign languages (not even including the wedding language) and working in this industry for 7 years, I am a real expert in vocabularies! I put together a nice dictionary that will help you understand what everyone is talking about. There is a big chance I forgot something, so make sure to add your own in comments!

First things first! The people!

B - Bride

G - Groom

Wedding party - Bride and Groom, all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers

MOH - Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor - the chief bridesmaid

BM - Best Man

Flower girl - a girl or girls walking down the aisle before the bride scattering flower petals

Ring bearer - a boy or boys caring the rings down the aisle (if not kept by the BM

MOB - Mother of the Bride

FOB - Father of the Bride

MOG - Mother of the Groom

FOG - Father of the Groom

The Wedding Day essentials!

Bridal Prep - Bride getting ready with her family and bridesmaids

Groom’s Prep - Groom getting ready with his family and groomsmen

First look - Bride and Groom seeing each other before the ceremony

First touch - Bride and Groom spending a few moments with each other before the ceremony without seeing each other, usually holding hands on opposite side of the door or wall

Processional - walking down the aisle before the ceremony

Recessional - walking back up the aisle after the ceremony

Receiving line - greeting all of your guests and receiving congratulations as they walk out of the ceremony

Cocktail hour - hour of hors d’oeuvres before the reception

Reception - the party! (Dinner, dancing & special events)

And the fun part! Reception!

Grand Entrance - the announcement of the wedding party and the newlyweds at the beginning of the reception

Special dances - dances that are specifically planned for the party

First dance - the first dance of Husband and Wife

Parent dances - traditionally, the Bride dances with her Dad and the Groom with his Mom

FD dance - Father Daughter dance (Bride with her Dad)

MS dance - Mother Son dance (Groom with his Mom)

Anniversary dance - Emcee invites all married couples to the dance floor to slow dance, then starts releasing them one by one based on the duration of their marriage until the couple who has been married the longest is the only one dancing, the couple gives advice on how to love each other for that long

Money dance - guests form a line and pin bills to the Bride’s and Groom’s attires to slow dance with them

Toasts - traditionally made by the BM and the MOH, but sometimes also by the parents of the couple

Open mic - any guest can come up and give a speech

Cake cutting - Bride and Groom cut their cake and feed each other

Bouquet toss - all the single ladies come to the dance floor and the Bride tosses her bouquet, the girl who catches it is believed to get married next

Garter toss - the Groom pulls the garter off the Brides leg with his teeth and tosses in to the single men, the man who catches the garter is supposed to get married next

Sometimes the guy who caught the garter puts it on the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet

Open dance floor - everyone is dancing!

Grand exit - Bride and Groom leave the reception with everyone gathered around (can be done with sparklers, soap bubbles, glow sticks etc, or an epic or decorated car)

Know or remember something else? Feel free to write it in the comments!


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