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Scripps Beach Engagement Session | Alex and Laura

Beach engagement sessions are huge in San Diego and for good reason! How can you not want to include it at least as a half of your shoot when there are so many amazing beaches around here?

Alex and Laura picked the Scripps Beach and I love it! I adored Laura’s floral dress and the beautiful neckless that Alex’s family gave her! It is little touches like this that add interest and meaning to your session, along with details that matter a lot in your relationships like a blanket of the College where you met used as a prop.

Alex is from New York and Laura is from Boston and hey met while studying in college in Colorado! I personally have no idea how they manage to survive being fans of rival teams in every existing sport! :-) But they definitely click perfectly and what I loved the most, they have tons of fun together! I was specifically asked to capture their laughs and playful personalities, good thing it is my specialty! We did a lot of silly stuff and of course had a blast!

Congratulations again, Alex and Laura, I feel really sad about not being able to come to your East Cost wedding, but I know it was perfect!

Enjoy my favorites!


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