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Rainy Day Wedding at Valley Center | David & Amy

The month of May is the best time to talk about this: If you still think that rain on your wedding day is a disaster, you clearly have not seen David and Amy’s wedding

! It was fabulous despite the weather - nothing could stop us!

We all know about San Diego’s May Grey and June Gloom. And that June day in Valley Center was no exception: most of the day it was raining! At first, Amy was really worried and upset, but then she finally decided to go with it because the weather is definitely not more important than marrying the love of your life! Or maybe she changed her mind because I told her that in Russia they say it’s good luck to have a rainy wedding day. We ended up getting so many great pictures with those see through umbrellas! Amy and David were real troopers ready to get a little wet for the photos and even offering to sit on a tree! The bridal party was so much fun and easy to work with!

The ceremony only seemed more intimate with everyone gathered under their umbrellas!

Amy chose a gorgeous lace gown for her special day and her bridesmaids were standing by her side in different shades of grey looking perfect in the light coming from the cloudy sky.

As the biggest fan of traveling I simply have to talk about the wedding theme! David and Amy fought through every single detail! They love seeing the world together and therefore most of the decorations were revolving around that. They had the cutest wood placement cards, amazing centerpieces with flowers and globes ( I collect globes, so just imagine how excited I was!), countries they have visited together served as the names of the tables, there were pictures of their adventures and even the doll they take everywhere they go!

The guests were treated with a great dinner and kept the evening going with a lot of dancing and wedding games!

Congratulations, Amy and David! It was a pleasure being a part of your wedding!


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