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Hey everyone!

I can’t believe I am finally doing it: sharing my first ever blog post with you!!!

I guess it is only logical to tell you about myself and my love for love, weddings and photography here!

So my name is Maria Regnetta and I was born in Moscow, Russia 30 years ago! Don’t assume this last name is Russian though, because it is Italian! :-) It was kindly given to me by my American husband with Italian roots. We have a crazy love story that I will maybe share here one day, but here is the essence: he is American, I am Russian, we met in China, got engaged in Brazil, got married in Florida and live in a beautiful city of San Diego! :-)

As you have probably already guessed LOVE was the reason I left my beloved Moscow and moved under the Californian sun. :-) Back in Russia I got a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Moscow State University and started chasing a career in the field. I mean I still am in the field, I’m a Russian in America! :-)))

Needless to say, I have always loved photography, and thanks to my parents, got my first professional camera very early. I travelled a lot, so that is what I started shooting first. Then there were friends and friends of friends… Moreover I have always loved weddings! Just like Katherine Heigl in “27 dresses” I have been a bridesmaid tons of times and always enjoyed it so much! Once, forever ago, a guest at one of the weddings I attended told me that there is no way she is having her wedding without me! :-)

So when I moved to a different country for good, I knew I would have to start with a clean slate, and the question arose: do I want to keep doing what I had been doing, or try something relatively new but what I know I am a 100% in love with? Of course I had to go with the second option!

And here I am, years later, shooting weddings in the wedding capital of the USA and all over the world when I get lucky, making new friends and enjoying the LOVE that surrounds me 24/7!

I am happy to meet you and happy to finally launch the blog!!!


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