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A Classic Fall Wedding at Green Gables Wedding Estate | Mark & Cassie

Ah, where do I begin? Green Gables Estate is probably the venue where I've been the most! And it comes as no surprise to me! It is a wonderful wedding estate that has everything a bride and groom can wish for: the stunning grounds with so many places to take amazing pictures, tons of amazing details and wedding decor to choose from, delicious food, a beautiful bridal suit, and lately they renovated their groom’s suit and it took my breath away when I stepped inside! Such a man cave!

I am pretty sure my favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony! I know it is not very original, but Cassie couldn’t stop laughing and not only it made for great emotional pictures, but it reminded me of saying my own vows where I had completely the same reaction!

After the lovely ceremony at the beautiful gazebo we walked around the grounds to take some couple photos and had a lot of fun with it! And the guests enjoyed a great cocktail hour after which everyone was invited into the tent for delicious dinner and rocking party!

The stunning florals with pink and deep burgundy along with the matching bridesmaid dresses created the perfect feel of the fall wedding and the wide range of the centerpieces that Green Gables provides never disappoint! Cassie and Mark picked four different types and it looked amazing.

It was a joyful celebration of a wonderful couple!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Cassie and Mark's gorgeous wedding day!

Love this picture of the two moms looking at the girls!

These centerpieces!


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